Costa Rica vacations.

Adventures and discoveries await!

Anybody can go on vacation but why not make memories of a lifetime?

Whether you want to lay on wonderful Costa Rica beaches

. . . discover hidden waterfalls

. . . visit volcanoes

. . . sit in hot springs watching magnificent volcanic eruptions

. . . reel in the really big one (fish that is!)

. . . raft some of the best white-water in the world

. . . enjoy one of the great Costa Rica ecology tours

. . . go horseback riding through spectacular forests and listen to monkeys while toucans fly overhead


. . . scuba dive in pristine waters or snorkel past sunken ships in magnificent coral reefs

. . . surf

. . . explore the canopies of extraordinary forests or

. . . enjoy Costa Rica adult nightlife

It's all here, all waiting to be discovered (and we'll even give you $$$$ saving travel tips).

All waiting for you when you travel Costa Rica!

Imagine a Costa Rica vacation where you can do all of these things--and much more--in a spectacularly beautiful setting with great weather and warm, beautiful people.

Columbus (yep! Christopher Colombus) named this special little country Costa Rica for its rich coast. And now it's yours to discover!

Please take a few moments to look through this site. You'll find loads of valuable information that you can really use.


We'll help you discover places to go and things to do unlike anything you've ever experienced.

That's a promise.

If you're looking for ideas about things to do, visit the "Things to Do" section of our website located on the left Navigation Bar. Each category within that section will take you to page-after-page of great information and beautiful pictures.

We're proud of our section entitled "Places to Go." There, you'll be taken on a tour of Costa Rica's Seven Wonders; and magnificent volcanoes like Poas, Turrialba, and Irazu (famous for erupting the day JFK visited Costa Rica in 1963).

You'll also go to the world-famous Costa Rica beaches, discovering the best-of-the-best ("Blue Flag Beaches"), and which to avoid on your Costa Rica vacation.


In our ever-expanding sections about "Costa Rica Parks" (already 4 volumes!), you can take a Cook's tour of the country's most famous parks.

Why not combine a bit of medical or dental care with a great vacation? Costa Rica is one of the top 5 medical tourism destinations on the planet because of the great quality of care and low cost---for many people, the savings are so great that they have enough left over to pay for the rest of their vacation.

Costa Rica's famous (adult) nightlife are, for many, an important part of Costa Rica vacations. We cover it here but remember: what happens here, stays here. And, fact is, whatever your fancy or interest, we probably cover it in our hundreds of pages because, after all, it's all about making your Costa Rica dream vacation come true.

Eclectic. That's this site. Why should your imagination be limited?

Remember this is YOUR ADVENTURE.

COME and DISCOVER places that Christopher Colombus could only dream about!

Costa Rica vacations, your voyage of discovery!

Travel to Costa Rica for the Adventure of a Lifetime
There are oodles of reasons people travel to Costa Rica. Whether you want to fly or take a cruise to paradise here is what you need to know and you might even save some money .
Corcovado National Park
National Geographic says that the Osa Peninsula containing Corcovado National Park, is the most biologically intense place on the planet. Hype to sell a magazine or reality? We will let you decide!
Costa Rica Vacation: 7 Wonders of Costa Rica
No Costa Rica vacation is complete without exploring its 7 wonders. Spectacular! See them for yourself. Pura Vida!
Costa Rica Volcanoes
Costa Rica Volcanoes! Only in Costa Rica can you stand at the top of a volcano and see the Pacific and Caribbean at the same time. Or look down at a lost city. Come see for yourself!
Costa Rica Beaches: Simply Extraordinary
Costa Rica beaches are world-famous. Black, gold, white sand. Snorkeling in crystalline waters, swimming, surfing, world-class fishing. Hundreds of miles of beaches on two oceans. More adventures
Costa Rica National Parks
There are 161 Costa Rica National Parks, reserves, and refuges encompassing nearly 26% of the total country. From magnificent volcanoes to Cocos Island, a jewel to the Galapagos, yours to explore
National Parks in Costa Rica
National parks in Costa Rica and preserves make up more than a quarter of this little country. In volume 2 of our look at these parks, you will find several of the most popular parks in this country.
Costa Rica Parks Vol.3
Costa Rica Parks are popular places to visit on a Costa Rica vacation. We'll take you Manuel Antonio, Corcovado National Park, and magnificent Drake Bay
National Parks of Costa Rica
Welcome to Vol 4 of National Parks of Costa Rica: Guanacaste Parks
Costa Rica Attractions
Great beaches, world-class fishing and surfing, volcanoes are just a few of the many (some odd) Costa Rica attractions. Come, enjoy. Pura Vida!
Costa Rica Tourism You Will Never Get Bored
Costa Rica tourism. What do you know about it? Sure, the weather is great and there are 800 miles of unspoiled beaches. Volcanoes, parks and reserves nearly everywhere. Great resorts, hotels, eco
Costa Rica Tourist Attractions, More Things to Do
Costa Rica tourist attractions. More great things to see and do on your Costa Rica vacation
Tourism in Costa Rica
Sure, tourism in Costa Rica is special because of the beaches, fishing, and magnificent beauty but do not forget about bullfighting (Costa Rica style), gambling, windsurfing, ziplining and more.
Costa Rican Culture and Arts
Costa Rican culture dates back 10,000 years. From the days its earliest settlers hunted mammoths to today, see for yourself
Costa Rica Museums
Costa Rica museums, many centrally located in San Jose, offer a glimpse into the history, art, and cultures of long, lost ancient peoples and modern life in Costa Rica
Costa Rica History
Much of Costa Rica history is shrouded in mystery, from Guyabo, the Lost City, to Disquis Balls found only in Costa Rica. But, there's much more after Columbus, too.
Costa Rica Ecotourism
Costa Rica ecotourism is increasingly popular. With good reason. As the world devours its resources and God-given legacy, Costa Rica is committed to sustainable development and eco tourism.
Costa Rica Birdwatching
Like birds? Costa Rica birdwatching is taking off with Latin America's first bird watching trail (it's huge) and as many kinds of birds as in the entire U.S.
Costa Rica Whales
Costa Rica whales and whale watching are increasingly popular as Costa Rica ecotourism vacations.
Costa Rica Animals
No one knows how many species of costa rica animals there really are. This tiny country has more species of birds than in the continental U.S. and more species of butterflies than all of Africa
Costa Rica Sea Turtle Species
Costa Rica has five of the world's seven species of sea turtle. Tortuguero Park is the world's largest green turtle reserve and Ostional Refuge has the largest olive ridley turtle nesting beach.
Costa Rica Conservation
Costa Rica conservation starts with the observation that for too long we've been at war against our planet and ends with a commitment of making peace with nature
Costa Rica Fishing
Costa Rica fishing is world class. Fish two oceans the same vacation for world record giants. Battle 200 pound tarpon in jungle rivers
Costa Rica Surfing
From pros to beginners, Costa Rica surfing is famous. Pristine uncrowded beaches, great weather and more than 50 famous breaks along two oceans, this is a great place to hangout. Pura Vida!
Costa Rica Scuba Diving
Costa Rica scuba diving has become very popular. We have some of the best spots picked out for you.
Costa Rica Nightlife for Adults
Costa Rica fishing, rafting, beaches and volcanoes are great but many people come for Costa Rica nightlife. Real adult entertainment with Costa Rica ticas. Or gambling. Or both
Costa Rica Volunteer Vacations
Costa Rica volunteer vacations are Pura Vida! Whatever your talents, bring them to enjoy Costa Rica and make a difference. Here are some ideas to have a great vacation and feel really good when
Costa Rica Study Abroad
Ideas for finding great opportunities for Costa Rica study abroad programs.
Costa Rica Hostels
Thousands of folks stay in Costa Rica hostels while vacationing in Costa Rica. Here is a list of hostels across the country. Bienvenidos a Costa Rica! Pura Vida!
Hotels in Costa Rica
Want great info about hotels in Costa Rica so you can plan that special Costa Rica vacation? Start here!
Costa Rica Medical Tourism
Why is Costa Rica medical tourism so big? Maybe it is because of the quality of plastic surgery Costa Rica, or affordable Costa Rica cosmetic surgery
Costa Rica Retirement
Costa Rica retirement? If you want to do more than just sit back and look at the beach, let me help! Living in Costa Rica, the real scoop and how to have fun and make money at the same time
Work in Costa Rica?
Thinking about living in Costa Rica but not ready to just sit back and enjoy the sunsets? Work in Costa Rica! Here are the rules of the road and opportunities when you are living in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica Real Estate
Costa Rica real estate listings. Find your new home or your dream lot
News in Costa Rica
Keep current with news in Costa Rica. Updated daily!
Costa Rica Information for Your Vacation
When you travel to Costa Rica it is a good idea to have some good Costa Rica information at your fingertips. Start here
Vacation in Costa Rica Vacations Pura Vida
The problem with a vacation in Costa Rica is there are way too much to do. Way too many spectacular beaches, fiery-red volcanoes, 2000 varieties of butterflies, world-class fishing, beautiful Ticas
Costa Rica Articles
Welcome to my Costa Rica articles. Here you will find about what it is like to live in Costa Rica, retire in Costa Rica, Costa Rica fishing, Costa Rica adult nightlife, Costa Rica real estate
Costa Rica Vacations Blog
The Costa Rica Vacations Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and updates to the Costarica-Discover-It.com Web site. Subscribe here. <b>NO SPAM GUARANTEED</b>.
Costa Rica Blogs: Through Many Lenses
Look through the eyes of others in some terrific Costa Rica blogs. We're all in this together but, boy, do we sometimes see living in Costa Rica differently. You have to admit it is fun Pura Vida!
Your Costa Rica Vacation Story, trip to Costa Rica
Had a Costa Rica vacation? Tell others about it so they can see where to go and what to do. Give us your tips and pics! Pura Vida!
Costa Rica Forum
The Costa Rica forum is a wide-ranging forum of ideas and thoughts by people who recognize we're all in this world together. Contribute! God gave you a voice. Use it.
Costa Rica Vacations Privacy Policy
Visit Costa Rica Vacations privacy policy here. We strive to preserve your privacy because, like you, we value our privacy.
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Service Providers
Recommended doctors, dentists, realtors and real estate, hotels, and more to enjoy or use while in Costa Rica
Battle of Santa Rosa Costa Rica
The Battle of Santa Rosa joined two men together: one in ignominy and the other in glory. The American privateer and the Costa Rican peasant.
Costa Rica National Museum
Whether you're into museums or simply want to spend an enjoyable rainy day, take in the Costa Rica National Museum in the heart of San Jose
Boruca Masks of Costa Rica
Beautiful Boruca masks are much more than simply decorations. Learn the rich history behind them
Costa Rica Vacations Search Results
Costa Rica Vacations search results powered by Google
For a fun, cheap adventure take a Costa Rica ferry on tropical waters
Birding in Costa Rica Bird Route
Birding in Costa Rica took a giant step forward with establishment of the Costa Rica Bird Route. First of its kind in Latin America and home to great green macaws
Costa Rica Hummingbirds
Of the nearly 900 kinds of Costa Rica birds, teeny Costa Rica hummingbirds are among the most fascinating. There are 51 hummingbird species here and you will often see them in spectacular flowers.
Costa Rica Birds: Motmots
Nearly 900 different kinds of Costa Rica birds have been recorded, more than in the entire continental U.S. and Canada combined. Motmots are lovely tropical birds and you're likely to see them.
Forever Costa Rica
It's called Forever Costa Rica and this new Costa Rica conservation agreement may be a model for developing countries
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